Employers Prefer Professionally Trained Truck Drivers

//Employers Prefer Professionally Trained Truck Drivers

There is a growing trend amongst employers to only look at professionally trained truck drivers when hiring new recruits. Even then, most employers have a list of training companies they trust along with a list they don’t trust. If your training has been through a well reputed truck driver training company, then your chances for employment are significantly increased.

So why do employers prefer professionally trained truck drivers? There are a lot of reasons, however, most fall within the following:

  • No bad habits – Professional training schools remove any poor driving habits. More importantly, because the trainers are skilled, drivers don’t develop bad habits. It’s very easy to pick up the bad habits of another driver – a good driving school will ensure their drivers don’t display (and pass on) poor driving habits themselves.
  • Theoretical training – A professional training school will include the theoretical components of training. This includes safety aspects, legislated requirements (such as how to correctly fill in a log book), and what it takes to be a successful truck driver.
  • Hands on training – Professional truck driver training schools provide a lot of behind the wheel training. This includes all areas of driver training and allows each student to work on their weakest areas. For example, reversing and the coupling/uncoupling of a trailer.

In simple terms, professional truck driver training companies provide a complete training package. Employers know that graduates (from training schools with a solid reputation) are ready to start being productive from day one. There’s no further driver training required.  For those looking at a career as a truck driver, the biggest question should be, Which truck driver training school has what it takes to help them get into the industry? Here’s a clue – why not start by looking at one of the nation’s oldest and most respected truck driver training schools.

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