Expand Your Career Options With A Commercial Drivers License

//Expand Your Career Options With A Commercial Drivers License

Being multi-skilled in today’s workplace can open a lot of doors, and also lead to real job security. If you work in industries such as warehousing, agriculture and heavy equipment operations, then adding a commercial drivers license to your qualifications can make you more employable. If you look at the options from an employer’s point of view, you’ll soon understand my logic.

If you’re a heavy equipment operator, for example, and you have a commercial drivers license with experience in relocating heavy equipment, then employers will view your job application differently than someone who only has experience operating heavy equipment. In slow times, when that employer needs to shed labor, who will they fire? Would you fire a truck driver, a heavy equipment operator, or a heavy equipment operator with a commercial drivers license? It would make sense to keep the latter and fire one of the other two. The same could be true for many other industries – we mentioned warehousing and farming, however, you could add mining and local or state government road workers as well.

Obtaining a commercial drivers license is not difficult.  You can take a short three week training program, a more in-depth five week training program, or a weekends-only truck driver training program (for those who need to keep their day jobs). On completion, you should be able to walk away with your commercial drivers license, ready to work in your normal occupation, or as a truck driver. The sooner you can build on your skills the better of course.

While there’s no guarantee that a commercial drivers license will expand your career, with the right approach, and the right attitude, you’ll find that having that license can open new doors and new opportunities. You just need to take that first step and to undertake training in order to pass the tests required to qualify for a commercial drivers license.

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