Four Keys To Maintaining A Truck Driving Career

//Four Keys To Maintaining A Truck Driving Career

Undertaking truck driver training and obtaining a commercial drivers license is just the first step to a successful career as a truck driver. While driving a truck is not necessarily that difficult, keeping everything together in order to continue working in this field can be difficult. In most occupations, you go to work, do the job, and go home. Your own life rarely impacts on your career. When it comes to truck driving, life after hours can still have a severe impact on your career. Here are four key areas that you should concentrate on if you want to work as a truck driver.

Driving record. Having your license cancelled because you were caught speeding or drunk driving is an instant killer to a truck driving career, even though you were driving a car at the time. Your license is gold – protect it.

Illicit drugs. We live in a world where it’s possible that a drug test comes back positive, even though you haven’t knowingly taken any illicit drugs. You should be on your guard at any parties and group events where illicit drugs are in use – you just don’t know when someone is going to slip something into a drink. Of course, you’re not going to knowingly take illicit drugs – I hope. Any positive drug test could jeopardize your truck driving career.

Criminal record. Like drugs, it’s possible to get up in a criminal event without any intent to commit a crime. There have been situations where a simple fight has resulted in death, and a criminal record. While that’s an extreme, any event could have criminal consequences if you are not careful. Naturally, if you set out to break the law, then the consequences are on your own shoulders. Most trucking companies steer clear of drivers that have criminal records.

Poor health. You will need to pass the DOT medical every few years so you should maintain your health, and take the necessary steps to correct any problems. Wear the right prescription glasses if you need them; take medication if you need them for problems such as high blood pressure; even type 2 diabetes could be a problem if it gets out of hand and requires insulin.

Look after those four key areas and you won’t find your truck driving career under threat. Slip up on just one of them, and you could find yourself without a license, or without a career. The good news is, you have complete control over them, if you want to take that control.


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