From Truck Driver Training To Truck Driver Work

//From Truck Driver Training To Truck Driver Work

The hardest hurdle to cross in any career change is that of finding a first job. It can’t be any job either, it needs to be a job that recognizes you’re a novice, yet is prepared to help you gain the experience necessary to become a competent and effective worker. Truck driving is no different. It’s no secret that most transport companies prefer experienced drivers. However, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities available – there are, you just need to know where to find them, and how to win those opportunities.

This is a problem that we at Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools acknowledge. In fact, we go beyond just acknowledging the problem, we actively work with our students to remove as many obstacles as possible. We achieve this through a dedicated Career Services department. Once an individual commences training with us, our Career Services personnel work that student to develop the skills required to find and apply for truck driving job vacancies.

With a reputation for delivering quality drivers to industry, we regularly see employers approaching us for graduates, either directly or through our dedicated job site. We have a database of tens of thousands of employers who employ graduates from our training schools, and these employers are spread around the nation – there is almost always going to be a good list of potential employers in your preferred work region.

Our philosophy is simple. We provide quality truck driver training, then help graduates find suitable employment that will enable them to build on their new skills.  Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools provide a complete service – from truck driver training through to truck driver employment.

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