General Freight The Most Popular Truck Driving Job

//General Freight The Most Popular Truck Driving Job

When it comes to truck driving careers, trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. Truck drivers can also choose between local, regional and long distance jobs. The most common type of truck driving job, whether local, regional or long distance, is general freight. Our towns, cities and highways are full of trucks carrying general freight and these truck drivers are the life blood of our economy.

General freight, by definition, is a term that is used broadly to describe a wide range of commodities. These can be boxed individually, or palletized and delivered in bulk. General freight can be carried in a standard truck for local work, or on a boxed tractor-trailer over longer distances. Local drivers generally have a more hands on approach when it comes to delivering general freight whilst long distance truck drivers generally rely on others (such as fork lift operators) to load and load the cargo.

Whilst general freight is one of the most common uses for trucks, there are many other options available to truck drivers. These include:

  • Dump Trucks/Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment Trailers
  • Sand & Gravel Trucks
  • Farm Produce Trucks
  • Live Animal Transporters
  • Tankers
  • Roll-on/Roll-off (vehicle transportation)

Each vehicle has its own nuances when it comes to truck driving. Tankers, for example, generally transport fluids, and these can seriously affect the handling of a truck, especially when only partially full. Animal transport is another that can be affected by the cargo. General freight also has it’s own problems. Drivers need to ensure a truck is loaded correctly, there’s nothing worse than a load that shifts as a truck negotiates a bend in the road, especially at speed.

A truck driver training school can teach you how to drive a truck. They can also talk about the different nuances for each type of truck. However, you won’t fully appreciate many of these nuances until you start working regularly in the industry.

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