Get Acquainted With Your State Trucking Laws

//Get Acquainted With Your State Trucking Laws

If you intend on becoming a truck driver, then your first step is to become thoroughly acquainted with the trucking laws as they relate to your state. Unfortunately, every state has their own set of laws. While there has been some consensus over the years when it comes to some areas of truck driving, there are many other areas that are unique to each state.

To begin with, get a hold of a CDL manual that has been designed for your state. You will be surprised at how many trucking laws are now common throughout the country. What is important is to know these laws, and to have a good knowledge of those laws that are unique to your state.

Once you are thoroughly aware of your state trucking laws, you can do yourself a big favor by downloading practice tests. These serve a number of purposes. First, you can become familiar with the test structure, the ways questions are phrased, and of course, how much you really do know. By going through two or three of these practice tests, you know straight off if you’re ready to sit the theory side of commercial drivers license tests.

If you can easily pass the theory tests, all that’s left is to pass the practical test. This means taking a truck out onto the highway with an examiner and undertaking the required maneuvers. If you don’t have a lot of experience behind the wheel, then consider undertaking a truck driver training course. These training courses will provide you with valuable experience on the highway, in traffic, and doing tricky maneuvers like reversing with a trailer. Once you have that experience, you are ready to undertake the practical CDL test – and to then start a career as a truck driver.

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