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Hotshot Trucking

As far as trucking is concerned, the term hotshot refers to either the freight, the truck, or both. Hotshot freight is hauled for one customer who needs it expedited. Hot shot trucking freight is hauled in a midsize truck, which is class 3, 4 or 5. These loads aren’t hauled with semi-trucks, but instead, are trailers pulled by heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Commonly used trucks include Ford Super Duty models, the Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD, and the Ram 3500. Often, a ¾ ton pickup truck will pull a trailer hauling a hotshot load that weighs 13,000 pounds or less. If the load weighs more than 10,000 pounds, a CDL is required. A CDL is recommended for any hotshot load hauling because of the nature of the work and because of the additional experience pursuing a CDL will provide.

Details of Hotshot Trucking

If you are interested in hotshot trucking, you will need a midsize truck that can haul more than 10,000 pounds without much difficulty. The kind of truck should be carefully considered. Just because a truck is said to be capable of hauling a load that size, it doesn’t mean it can do that task with efficiency. It is suggested to opt for a larger truck so there will be fewer hauling problems.

Trailers used for hotshot trucking can range from 20 to 40 feet of deck space that is usable, making them ideal for hauling equipment, vehicles, and machinery that are larger in length but shorter than 8 feet in height. You want to make sure they fall below the weight threshold.

Requirements of a Hotshot Driver

Hotshot drivers have different requirements than a traditional commercial truck driver. Hotshot trucking doesn’t always require a CDL, but it is recommended. All hotshot drivers are required to file an Interstate Operating Number (MC number) in addition to a DOT number. There are several advantages to hotshot trucking and serving as the owner and operator of a hotshot trucking business.

If a hotshot trucker has a CDL and a larger trailer, he or she could haul loads weighing up to 26,000 pounds. Hotshot truckers have lower operating expenses. As an example, a 20-foot gooseneck trailer and a mid-sized heavy-duty pickup would run about $50,000 to $75,000. The gas mileage is about 15 miles per gallon, which is better than those a semi-truck would get. 

If you are interested in becoming a hotshot trucker and getting your CDL, contact Diesel Driving School. With the proper training, you will gain additional skills as well as the qualifications needed to haul a greater variety of loads. You can have your own business up and running before you know it.


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  • I am interested in Hot Shot Trucking and wanting to own my own business. I am interested in getting the proper training necessary to be an effective driver while getting my CDL.

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