Housing Assistance For Truck Driver Training Students

//Housing Assistance For Truck Driver Training Students

One of the benefits of learning to drive a truck is that the training can be completed in a fairly short time. Diesel Truck Driver Training School offers a basic three week course and a comprehensive five week training course. For some students, this means either traveling long distances each day or trying to find temporary accommodations for the duration of the training. There are others who feel that this three or five week period is out of their reach because of accommodation issues. We have found a  way to resolve that problem by providing housing assistance for students enrolled at Diesel Truck Driving School.

If you require housing assistance, Diesel Truck Driver Training School will, upon confirmation of your enrollment, reserve a room at the Water Tower Residence Inn (situated in Sun Prairie). This is located four miles from the Diesel Truck Driving School and your reservation will cover the entire length of your training.

The Water Tower Residence Inn is clean and comfortable and provides cable TV, air conditioning, small refrigerators and laundry facilities. It is also within easy walking distance of restaurants, grocery stores, and a shopping center – everything you need for a comfortable stay. Being quiet, it is also the perfect place to study road rules and to review your training each night.

With accommodation issues resolved, you can now concentrate on deciding which training program is best suited to your needs and your future career objectives. We can help you there as well – just contact us and talk to one of our admissions staff members. If you happen to be passing by, why not drop in and visit us – you can even jump in the seat of an eighteen wheeler to see how it feels. Our aim is to make your truck driver training experience as enjoyable as possible.

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