How A Long Distance Trucker’s Wife Beat The Trucking Blues

//How A Long Distance Trucker’s Wife Beat The Trucking Blues

A long distance trucker’s wife often leads a difficult life. If there are children in the family, she has to be both mom and dad for extended periods of time. Add to that the natural fear that people hold when loved ones are away from home, in a job that has dangers, and her life can be a very stressful one. Trucker’s wives have a number of ways of handling these situations. They often band together to provide mutual support, and modern technology has certainly made communication with their husbands a lot easier.

One long distance trucker’s wife took an alternative route to beating the trucking blues – she joined him on the road. It’s a move that is occurring more often today, particularly with owner drivers. In fact, wives are not just joining their husbands in the cab, they are joining them as fully fledged and capable truck drivers.

Trucking careers are no longer the domain of men. In fact, it never was – it has always been an erroneous stereotype that women have had to fight for over fifty years. Modern trucks are relatively easy to drive with some drivers insisting a truck is easier to drive than a car. I’m not sure I’d go that far, especially given the rules and regulations that truck drivers must now adhere too.

Women have made big inroads into the trucking workforce with some statistics suggesting there are over 250,000 women working as regular truck drivers. Training to become a truck driver is not as difficult as many make out. Practice is the key to many of the maneuvers, for example, reversing a trailer. Once you get the concept, the rest becomes much easier.

Are you a trucker’s wife with the trucking blues? Consider joining him on the road. If you are a woman looking for a challenging career, take a closer look at trucking. It can be challenging, is rewarding, and always in demand.

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