How Easy Is It To Find A Truck Driving Job?

//How Easy Is It To Find A Truck Driving Job?

The big question on every potential truck driving student’s mind is the one that relates to truck driving jobs. With unemployment high and the economy struggling, will they find a job after graduating?  Of course, there are no guarantees. However, we can point to what other sources are saying and make a few educated guesses. So what is being said about truck driving opportunities?

The American Trucking Association points to a situation we have highlighted in the past, and it’s one worth noting for younger people considering truck driving careers. They point out that:

“We hear nearly every day from fleets who cannot find enough drivers to meet demand.”

and (emphasis ours):

“With the economy continuing to recover from the Great Recession, the implementation of new regulations and the number of retirees outpacing the number of drivers entering the industry, I expect to see the turnover rate continue to rise”

Perhaps the most telling report comes from the Metal Center News website. Their report on industry’s ability to transport metal is a real eye opener if you intend looking at a trucking career. In particular, they noted that:

“Now that demand for trucks has built up some steam, the truck driver shortage is worsening, says Ken Kremar, a principal in the industrial practice at IHS Global Insight, Washington, D.C. Even with the high unemployment rate, the industry has had trouble attracting and maintaining good drivers.”

The bottom line from those reports is that the trucking industry is starting to face driver shortages and will continue to do so for quite some time. If you’re wondering how old those reports are,  you may be surprised to learn that they were all published within the last two weeks.

If you have been considering a career as a truck driver, especially if you’re under 30, then now is a great time to undertake truck driver training. Complete your training, get your CDL, and you’ll find opportunities starting to open up everywhere – there are not that many careers that can say that right now!

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