How Modern Trucks Incorporate The Latest Technology

//How Modern Trucks Incorporate The Latest Technology

Trucks used to be fairly simple beasts. You had the stop/go/clutch peddles, gear lever, steering wheel and CB radio – and that was it. Today’s trucks are far different with a wide range of electronics designed to assist drivers. Many of the tedious jobs that a truck driver had to handle can now be done electronically. Some of the equipment now in use include systems designed to:

  • check the truck and trailer weight,
  • check the balance of the cargo load,
  • monitor the exact location of the truck,
  • check the engine and report engine trouble,
  • bring up a map for the driver,
  • keep track of tire temperatures,
  • make an automatic call for help in an emergency.

Drivers can also use technology to check on road and weather conditions, stay in close contact with their base, and even email their friends and family whilst on the road.

Technology is now being incorporated to log every hour that a truck is in operation. This log will eventually replace the compulsory log book that drivers must now keep.  For truck owners, technology can now store a record of the maintenance schedule required to keep a truck in good condition – this includes parts that have been replaced.

When learning to become a truck driver, it’s now just your driving skills and knowledge of road rules that count. Being able to use modern technology has become an important part of a truck driver’s working life. Technology has, in the main, made life a lot easier for truck drivers, except perhaps those who have a technology phobia. Still, there are older trucks that haven’t yet incorporated the latest technology. Time is catching them up, however.

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