How Safe Is Your Job?

//How Safe Is Your Job?

This April 3, 2014 press release reports that the United States Department of Transportation has ordered the shutdown of a trucking company. DND International, Inc. was proven to have “committed widespread, serious violations of federal regulations that protect the safety fo the motoring public.”

And what, you ask, are these serious violations? Ignoring the limitations on hours a driver is behind the wheel each shift, and falsifying records.

The investigation revealed a pattern in the company of pushing the drivers to drive overtime and fake their logs. It came to light when a guy drive about 1,000 miles in 26 hours, resting for maybe 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 hours. He ended up driving into two fully illuminated parked vehicles, killing an Illinois tollway worker and seriously injuring an Illinois state police trooper.

There’s a good reason the penalties for safety violations are severe: It’s because every statistic has a face and a story that has changed because someone thought they could get away with bending the rules a little bit. And it is difficult when drivers are pressured by the company to bend the rules. It is also dangerous.

When you are trained by Deisel Truck Driver Training School, you come out holding more than a piece of paper. You have the skills and safety training for any entry level job in the trucking industry. You also have the support of Career Services, helping you find those jobs. You don’t have to risk your life and the lives of others to pay the bills, because you can find another job that is safe.

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