How To Apply For Our Truck Driver Training Programs

//How To Apply For Our Truck Driver Training Programs

Applying for a training program should be easy, and the actual application process is very easy. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, you can either apply over the phone or fill in our online application form.  We will generally get back to you within a day or two to discuss and finalize your application.

The how then is very easy. It is made even easier if you have everything sorted out first. By that I mean your finances, your time and your living arrangements. If you need help with finance, then we can help you. We can also help you with accommodation if you need somewhere temporary to stay whilst training.

When applying for a training program, you will also need to determine whether or not you need the complete commercial drivers license program over five weeks, or a short three week training program. If you decide on the shorter training program, you may need to obtain your CDL permit prior to attending our training facilities. This means learning the rules and regulations and passing the written tests required to gain a permit.

The steps to applying for our truck driver training program then are:

  1. decide on the type of training required
  2. determine how you intend funding your training
  3. determine your accommodation needs whilst training
  4. filling in an application form – either online or by telephone

It couldn’t be easier, and you’ll find all the information necessary to make a decision on your training either here or on our main training website. If you have any questions related to truck driver training, give us a call. We’ll be only too happy to chat and resolve any questions.

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