How To Avoid Truck Driver Training Scams

//How To Avoid Truck Driver Training Scams

Scams seem to be a part of our lives these days, affecting (or should that be infecting) almost every industry you can think of.  Most people undertake training to start new careers, and given the cost of many training programs, the last thing anyone needs is to find they have been scammed. Unfortunately, the truck driver training industry isn’t free of scams – however, we can offer tips on how to avoid being scammed and losing your hard earned money.

What may confuse some prospective students is the apparent bona-fides of a training company because of its links to an actual trucking company. These are not scams in the normal sense of the word since they do offer quality training. However, the problem with these schools is the offer of free or low cost training. This offer is based on the student graduating and then being employed by the parent trucking company – if you are not hired, you have to pay the full cost of the training, and in most cases, this cost is far higher than comparable training companies. The scam here is that the training company knows that only one or two graduates will be employed.

Other scams to avoid are those that promise employment following graduation. No one can ‘promise’ employment since skills are not the only factor in hiring an individual. Prior employment histories and personalities are also factors – if a training company promises employment, treat them warily.

Fast training is another area that is common in truck driver training. There are two sides in the ‘fast’ training – they will train you in two or three days to take a CDL test; good luck with that. But then, their training has to be fast as they are only ‘in town for two or three days’ before moving on, and not seen again – and neither is your money.

How do you avoid some of these scams? Easy – look for truck driver training companies that have a long history of successful training behind them. Look for truck driver training companies that have some form of accreditation. You should also look to see if the truck driver training has approval for student loans, often an indication of quality training, and whether or not the training company has good standing in the industry. If you can tick all of those boxes, then you know you are not going to be scammed.

Of course, you could take the easy way out – just contact us at Diesel Truck Driver Training School. We have had those boxes ticked for decades and lead the way in the field of truck driver training.

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