How To Change Your Mind About Truckers

//How To Change Your Mind About Truckers

Every day, you see them.  Long shiny trucks that roll along the highway.  Sometimes, there’s only one. Sometimes, they roll in convoys of multiple trucks.

Some people love to watch them; some people wish they would stay off of the highway. Which one are you?

Most of the time, the people who don’t like trucks and truckers have never been around them. They don’t understand them.


If you want to understand truckers, go to driving school!  To drive a truck, it takes training, skill, and constant focus. Driving a truck is not all that it takes to be a truck driver. There are a whole list of responsibilities that are just as important.

Safety and tip-top condition of the equipment can only be assured by a thorough and complete pre-trip inspection of the truck.  This is an extensive process, before the truck even pulls out of the yard.

“In August, I attended the National Truck Driving and National Step Van Driving Championships and what I saw at the championships reaffirmed what I learned a few years ago as a student at truck driving school: the pre-trip inspection is one of the most important parts of any trip. Competitors are scored for their ability to recognize hidden defects and DOT violations on the class of truck they’ll use to drive the obstacle course – but they only have 10 minutes to complete the inspection. To me, this mimics the intense concentration that it takes for America’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers to complete their pre-trip inspections every day. A thorough pre-trip inspection prevents unsafe conditions when we’re out on the road.”  (Source: Kevin Burch, President, Jet Express Inc., Chairman, American Trucking Associations)

Who knows how many lives have been saved by brakes that work properly or tires that are properly inflated, due to a thorough pre-trip inspection.


In the classroom, you learn from instructors who spent years driving trucks all over the nation. You will not only learn the lessons, but you will hear the “war stories” from the “road warriors” who lived them.


Multiple road trips and road tests are required to prepare for your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) tests. Your first time behind the wheel is scary and thrilling at the same time! After many days of practice in the yard of the school, hitting the road is the highlight of your time in driving school.


In 2014, the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimated that America was short 30,000 truck drivers.   Almost everything is delivered by trucks.  Food, fuel, construction equipment and supplies. There is not much that you can think of that was not delivered by truck!  Every year, more trucks are needed to deliver the goods that keep this country moving.

So, it’s easy to dislike trucks and truckers when you don’t know anything about them.  Professional truck drivers are the life blood of this nation. Learn about them. You might just find that not only your opinion will change, but your life might change too!

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