How To Chose A Truck Driver Training School

//How To Chose A Truck Driver Training School

We live in a competitive world, and also in a world that is filled by those looking to make a quick buck. With a national shortage of truck drivers on the horizon, we are seeing a lot of new truck driver training companies coming into the market place. For those considering a career as a truck driver, finding the right training company can be an off-putting exercise.  Hopefully we can help.

There are a number of areas that potential truck drivers need to be cautious in. The first is in any situation where a training company offers some guarantee of a job post training. In reality, no one can guarantee a job, and these training companies either lie or they have fine print that offers a wide range of exceptions to their ‘guarantee’.  Potential drivers should think carefully before accepting training through trucking company sponsored schools. These schools often advertise the potential for employment through that trucking company, however, there is no guarantee that the trucking company needs drivers when you complete your training, or if they do, they only require a couple of drivers. There are very few companies that have the resources to take on ten or fifteen brand new drivers in one intake.

When looking for a truck driver training school, it pays to go back to the basics.  History and reputation are still the two leading indicators of a good truck driver training school. By history we refer to how long they have been training people for the workplace – for example, Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools have been in the business of training truck drivers for fifty years – that’s a strong and proud history.

Reputation is also a good indicator. Will trucking companies employ you after training? The training school you attended will go a long way in determining whether or not they will employ you. If the school has a good reputation, they will strongly consider your application. If the training school has a poor reputation, your application will wind up in the trash can almost immediately.

We do have a long proud history of training truck drivers across the nation, and our reputation is such that trucking companies come to us looking for future drivers. In fact, we have a dedicated job site where employers can post vacancies for truck drivers. Choosing a truck driver training school needn’t be difficult. Look for those with a long history of training, and for those that have a good reputation within the truck driving community – you won’t go wrong if you rely on those criteria.

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