How To Obtain A CDL While Maintaining Your Current Employment

//How To Obtain A CDL While Maintaining Your Current Employment

Changing careers can often be a risky process although modern trends show that we all change careers two or three times over our lifetime. There are several hurdles that need to be crossed when changing careers, one of which is undertaking training in a new field. Diesel Truck Driver Training School has devised a training schedule that allows you to maintain your normal job while receiving training that will enable you to obtain your commercial drivers license (CDL).

Our basic CDL training program is normally conducted Monday through Friday over a two-week period. To accommodate those who are working, we also have a class schedule that runs on Saturdays and Sundays only for a period of five weeks. Both programs have ten training days in total and both training programs cover the same material.

Class objectives are fairly simple – to obtain a Class A CDL by passing the tests required by the state. Students who successfully complete the course and receive their CDL will be qualified to seek entry level employment in the trucking industry.

This training program is also suitable for individuals who feel that the addition of a CDL could help to enhance their employment options in their current industry. Those working in construction, heavy equipment operations and perhaps even warehousing could find a CDL a handy addition to their repertoire of skills.

If you are looking for training that involves more road time, then our five week (Monday to Friday) complete Class A CDL training program could be more suitable. More time means a more comprehensive training schedule including longer hours actually out on the road learning truck driving skills.

For those wanting to stay at work while learning a new skill, our Saturday and Sunday training programs are perfectly suited to your situation – and it’s only for five weekends.

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