How To Obtain A Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

//How To Obtain A Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

Obtaining a commercial drivers license is really only slightly different than obtaining a standard car license. You will need to prove that you understand the road rules as they pertain to truck driving. You will also need to prove that you know what the various components of a truck are and safety rules associated with trucking. Naturally, you will also need to prove that you can actually drive a truck, and this will include maneuvers such as reversing and parking.

To qualify for a commercial drivers license, you must be:

  • aged 21 or older – there are no exceptions to the age requirement,
  • able to speak and read English sufficiently that you understand rules, signposts, and instructions,
  • pass a DOT physical – family doctors are able to complete this examination and issue a certificate of fitness,
  • not be suspended or disqualified from driving in any state.

If you qualify under the above conditions, then all that is stopping you from obtaining a commercial drivers license is proving your truck driving knowledge and skills. For most people, this will require CDL training that includes both classroom-based lessons on the theoretical knowledge, and in-the-cab driver training.

Your in-the-cab driver training should include open highway driver and training in the various maneuvers undertaken by trucks. Reversing can be difficult to learn initially, however, it is a skill that is necessary and used on a daily basis. When it comes to completing the theoretical tests, it often helps to have access to practice tests. These test your knowledge following the same format as a real test and are a great way to check on whether you’re ready for assessment.

Obtaining a commercial drivers license is relatively easy. See your doctor for a DOT physical, undertake training then sit for the driving tests. If all goes well, you’ll pass and be the proud owner of a commercial drivers license – and that means you’re ready for work as a truck driver.

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