How To Transition To A Trucking Career Without Losing Income

//How To Transition To A Trucking Career Without Losing Income

Making the transition from one career to another can be difficult. There’s always that gap between careers that can be hard financially, more so if you have a family and mortgage to cover. This is one of the obstacles that stops people changing careers, yet when it comes to truck driving, it needn’t be an issue. You can transition into a trucking career with minimal impact on your income.

In the past, your only option was to quit one job, undertake training, then hope you could find a job in your new career fairly quickly. The good news now is that you don’t have to quit your job to undertake training. In fact, you can do some of your training in the comfort of your home after work or on weekends. This is the theoretical component of truck driver training and involves learning the rules and regulations that cover truck driving.

When it comes to the practical side of truck driver training, you can complete that on weekends. Diesel Truck Driver Training School conducts a special five week training program (Saturday and Sunday) that provides the required hands on practical training that a truck driver needs. To attend the weekend training program, students must first complete the requirements to obtain a truck driving permit. This allows student drivers to operate a truck on a public road although they must have a fully licensed driver with them in the vehicle at the time.

By training on weekends, students can maintain their regular Monday to Friday job. Once they have completed their weekend truck driver training and obtained their commercial drivers license, they can then start to look for viable work as a truck driver. Once found, they can quit their regular job and move straight into their new job. No down time and no loss of income.

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