How Truck Drivers Balance Home And Work

//How Truck Drivers Balance Home And Work

Truck driving is one of those occupations that can become addictive. I am not joking, some truck drivers become addicted to the open highway. It may be the freedom, the solitude, or just the feeling of being in control – whatever the reason, they love being behind the wheel.  At the same time, they want to spend more time with their families, especially where young children are involved. So how do truck drivers balance that need to be on the highway with the need to be at home?

It can be difficult. Some trucking companies make it easier for their truck drivers. Schneider often visit our classrooms to recruit new drivers, and they are one trucking company that makes every effort to have long distance drivers home each week – more often wherever possible. That of course is part of the solution, working for a company that cares enough about its drivers to give them time at home each week, and there are many transport companies like Schneider that try to accommodate drivers.

Other alternatives include restricting your driving to intrastate rather than interstate. In most cases, you’re either home every night or home every other night with the weekends free at home. You can also choose to drive locally, although this will not involve a lot of highway driving. Local driving can be more demanding as well since you are constantly navigating traffic, traffic lights and streets – there’s little room for error when it comes to local truck driving.

Truck drivers are able to balance home life and working life. If you have any concerns, it may help to talk to drivers who have been juggling these issues. Visit a truck stop, or a truck driver training school, and talk to those who have (or have had) families.  They’ll freely share with you their trials, tribulations, and good times – while you’re there, ask them if they are addicted to truck driving, it would be interesting to see how many admitted to it.

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