How Truck Drivers Control Their Income

//How Truck Drivers Control Their Income

There are many career options that allow individuals to control their income flow. Most of these careers are commission-based, or based on how many hours you work. Truck drivers have limits to their driving hours, so that option is limited in its ability to change incomes. There are other options, and some of these options can have a significant impact on a truck drivers income.

Long distance truck drivers are not paid on hours worked. Rather, they are paid on miles driven. Drive more miles in a day and you’ll increase the size of your paycheck. Driving more miles each day is not as easy as it sounds. To begin with, you do have that time limitation – this limits how many hours you can drive in a day, and how many hours you drive in a week. You also have to deal with traffic speed restrictions, traffic, and the demands of your destination. It’s pointless to drive hard only to find that your final depot is not open for an hour or two after your arrival. You can increase your daily mileage by planning well and avoiding any situations that may slow you down.

A second option that allows you to control your income is the material being transported. Some loads are more profitable than others, so they have a higher mileage rate. By securing these loads you can significantly increase your paycheck. Destinations can also have an impact on income with some destinations paying more than others. You will need to be careful, however, as these destinations have these higher rates for a reason. Perhaps there’s no return load; the traffic may be particularly bad; or the area may be the subject of frequent storms and road closures.

Unfortunately, most new truck drivers don’t have these options. A trucking company will not give a profitable route to a new truck driver if a valued long-serving truck driver wants it – they will get first pick. However, once you build a reputation for being a safe and reliable driver, those higher paying longer mileage jobs will come along – and you can pick and choose which jobs you want to complete. It all starts with a five week truck driver training program.

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