Husbands And Wives Make Great Truck Driving Teams

//Husbands And Wives Make Great Truck Driving Teams

Truck driving was once seen as a man’s domain – a career that only men could succeed at. Over the last 20 years, this has changed dramatically and there are now a lot of women driving trucks. There has also been an interesting trend where women have taken up truck driving as part of a team with their husbands.

This is generally seen in owner-operator situations and there is a good reason behind it. Trucks are expensive to run and the only time they make money is when they are actually on the road moving from point A to point B. If a truck sits at the side of the road for 6-8 hours while the driver has a sleep, that truck is not earning any money.

Modern over-the-road trucks have sleeping berths just behind the driver and passenger seats. Husbands and wives now find that one can drive while the other gets in their sleep. This means trucks can stay on the road for much longer than before. There are still Department of Transport regulations that must be followed including compulsory out-of-the-cab sleep either at home or in hotels, or something similar.

Women are just as efficient truck drivers as men and the work force has completely opened up for them. If a woman has the skills and experience that an employer is looking for, then she is just as likely to get a job as a man.

When it comes to truck driver training, we have one word of advice for anyone, especially women. Don’t let your husband (or father, brother, uncle, or aunt, for example) teach you to drive a truck. Seek out a professional truck driver training school and learn your craft through them. Once you have completed your training, and gained your commercial drivers license, by all means let them show you some of the finer points – just don’t pick up any of their bad habits.

Husband and wife truck driver teams are becoming more commonplace today, however, both the husband and wife had to start somewhere, and that start was with truck driver training – can we help you succeed in starting that career?

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