If I Had One Truck Driving Safety Tip To Offer

//If I Had One Truck Driving Safety Tip To Offer

The focus of truck driver training has always been on safety. I know that’s a big call, however, when you think about it, the focus on all trucking rules and regulations is safety. In fact, the main aim behind all road rules is purely safety. Speed restrictions are in place, not for the fun of it as some people think, but for safety since that restricted speed is thought to be the ‘safest’ maximum speed.

It may surprise you then to learn that my number one truck driving safety tip has little to do with any rule, regulation, or even truck driving style. My number one safety tip is far more personal. The safest person on the road is one who is well rested, well fed, and happy, so my number one safety tip is quite simple – look after yourself first.

There’s a lot of common sense in that statement. I am assuming that, as a truck driver with a commercial drivers license, you already know how to drive a truck, and that you know the road rules – from there, it is a matter of applying those skills and knowledge, and being healthy is a great start.

If you’re well rested, you’ll be able to concentrate. Likewise, if you’re well fed, you’ll be awake and alert – there’s nothing like an empty stomach to help reduce concentration. Of course, being overall healthy means you are less likely to have a stroke or heart-attack whilst behind the wheel.

Once you have completed your truck driver training and recieived your commercial drivers license, pay particular attention to yourself. You can be your own worst enemy if you don’t look after yourself – and more importantly, the worst enemy of other road users.

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