Is Cost Preventing You From Taking Up A Trucking Career?

//Is Cost Preventing You From Taking Up A Trucking Career?

One of the biggest hurdles that many people face when considering a change of career is cost. That is followed closely by doubts about their own ability to then secure a job that would pay enough to justify the costs of training. This is made all the harder if you are currently working – who wants to quit a job (no matter how much you hate it) to take a step into the unknown? It certainly takes a brave individual – or a smart one.

Which one are you – smart, brave, or just prepared to stay where you are for now? If you’re brave, then you’re probably ready to head off into the unknown – we’ll see you on the other side. If you’re prepared to stay where you are, then I guess we’ll see you when you’re ready to make a move. If you’re smart, you’re probably reading this to help you make your plans – good move.

To begin with, let’s clear up a few facts. When it comes to finding employment, if you have the skills and your commercial drivers license, and you’re prepared to listen and learn when you find a job, then you’ll have a great career as a truck driver. We are losing truck drivers faster than we can replace them at the moment, and you can blame this on the ‘baby boomer’ generation – they are all reaching retirement age. At the same time, our nation is growing, and our demand for goods is steadily growing, and that requires transport, and trucks are by far the most economical and practical. That means we need truck drivers,  and plenty of them. That justifies cost.

But what of costs? You can learn to become a good truck driver in as little as five weeks – and that’s from scratch. You’re not looking at tens of thousands of dollars either. If you are working, then you can come and train with us on the weekend – five consecutive weekends and some home work is all it takes. If you’re not overflowing with funds right now, there are funding options available. There are lenders who are willing to provide loans for those wanting to take up truck driver training, and you’ll soon have that paid off once you commence work as a truck driver.

At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, we try to remove as many barriers as possible, including those associated with cost. When it comes to employment, we have a career services department who can work with you to find that first job – and they don’t wait until you have finished your training, they start working with you during your first week of training. If you’re one of the smart ones who is willing to plan their future as a truck driver, then welcome aboard, we’ll be happy to take those first steps with you.

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