Is Distance A Barrier To Truck Driver Training?

//Is Distance A Barrier To Truck Driver Training?

One of the biggest hurdles to truck driver training that a person can face is simply distance. Good quality truck driver training schools are few and far between, so if there isn’t one in your area, you may tempted to put it all into the too hard basket and look at alternative careers. Don’t! There are solutions, and we here at Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools have come up with what we think is the ideal alternative.

There are two approaches:

1 – Study the theoretical component of truck driving at home in your spare time, then take the mandatory theoretical test. You will then receive a truck driving permit – this allows you to sit in the drivers seat whilst learning to drive a truck. This reduces your training from five weeks to a two week basic training program, and during that two weeks we can help you access accommodation near our training school. That eliminates travel, actually making life easier since you can relax, review your training, then get a good night’s rest.

2 – The second option is to enroll in the complete class A CDL training program. We will take you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of your training. You can also access accommodation near our training school removing distance as a barrier to your training.

In most cases, your finance arrangements can also cover your accommodation costs whilst undertaking training. If distance is a problem, and preventing you from undertaking truck driver training, then talk to us. There are always solutions available – these could include extended study at home or weekend training. Call us Toll Free on (800) 332-7364 and talk to one of our training consultants.

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