Is There A Local Truck Driving Career Waiting For You

//Is There A Local Truck Driving Career Waiting For You

Most people prefer to work close to home, and with many considering truck driving to be an “away from” career, they tend ignore it as an option. The majority of truck drivers are actually local drivers, not long distance drivers. Long distance truck drivers transport goods from city to city, state to state, and sometimes, country to country. However, it’s the local drivers that often finish the journey, transporting goods from warehouses to shops and businesses.

Local truck drivers are also involved in a range of other activities; for example, driving dump trucks. This is one job that is vital to the construction industry, either carting dirt and stone in, or carting it away from construction areas. Local truck drivers are also required for work such as waste removal from both domestic and commercial premises. Local drivers may also be involved in short haul work from town to town, always still getting home each night for dinner.

What is common to all of these options is the requirement for truck driver training and a commercial drivers license. Whilst it is possible to gain a commercial drivers without truck driver training, it is difficult, and employers do prefer to see that training component in a resume. In particular, employers want to see truck driver training that has been delivered through a recognized and well respected truck driver training business.

This is where Diesel Truck Driver Training School becomes a valuable resource. We can deliver truck driver training that is well respected within the trucking community, often helping complete novices pass their truck driver tests, receiving their commercial drivers licenses, then acquiring their first job as a truck driver. Our Career Services division will work with students to help them find that first job and take their first step to a career as a local truck driver (or long distance if they prefer).

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