Jobs That May Require A CDL

//Jobs That May Require A CDL

If you want to be a truck driver, then you need to acquire a commercial drivers license or CDL as it’s known in the profession. That’s fine for those who intend on being truck drivers, however, there are occupations that may require a CDL. In some cases, the CDL is an essential component. Jobs that may require a CDL include:

  • Heavy equipment operators – whilst not compulsory, there are many employers who prefer their heavy equipment operators also have a CDL. As licensed truck drivers, heavy equipment operators can load, transport and unload their equipment to work sites when required.
  • Crane operators – fixed cranes don’t need a CDL, however, if you intend on driving a mobile crane, then you will need a CDL. The mobile crane is generally fixed to a vehicle that comes under a truck classification.
  • Refuse truck drivers – the vehicles that empty our trash cans each week are trucks even though they may not look like a traditional truck. Refuse trucks are really specialized dump trucks, so a CDL is mandatory to drive these vehicles.
  • Bus drivers – bus drivers require a CDL, although it is a commercial drivers license that is endorsed for buses.
  • Armored Truck – those large vehicles that drive around carrying large amounts of cash to and from banks – they too generally require a driver who has a CDL.
  • Diesel Mechanic – if you are a mechanic and you intend plying your trade on trucks, then you may well need a CDL. If you are going to take a truck out onto the open road to ‘test drive’, then you definitely require a CDL.

Whilst trucks may not be an important part of your life, if you are driving commercial trucks at any time, then you do require a commercial drivers license, and that means undertaking truck driver training.

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