Learning To Handle A Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

//Learning To Handle A Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

One of the curses of being a truck driver is the inability to have eyes everywhere. All vehicles have blind spots, and while modern technology is starting to help drivers deal with them, this technology will take awhile to really catch on. For truck drivers, the blind spots are quite large; in fact, they are large enough to hide a family sedan from view, and these blind spots have often been the cause of serious road accidents.

Generally speaking, it is the other users on the road who need to learn about a truck drivers blind spots. However, that doesn’t mean a truck driver shouldn’t be learning techniques to help them deal with those blind areas around their truck.

So what is a truck drivers blind spot?

In trucks, the driver’s view of the road is limited by their position in the cab. They are aided by mirrors, however, those mirrors can only see so much of the road. For truck drivers, there are four blind spots – one directly in front of them, one directly behind them, and one either side of them. Truck drivers can see nothing in those blind zones (so if you’re a car driver, stay clear of them because the truck driver cannot see you).

Is there anything a truck driver can do about a blind spot?

Some truck drivers add smaller sub mirrors to their normal mirrors, and these can reduce the size of the blind spot. New technology involving video cameras and in-can monitors can be of assistance, however, a driver’s focus should be on the road ahead. Awareness is the most important factor for truck drivers. They need to be constantly watching all areas around the truck and to be aware of any vehicle that has suddenly disappeared from view – that generally indicates they are in a blind a spot.

Blind spots are issues that other road users need to be aware of. There is only so much that a truck driver can do about these issues, and only so much that a truck driver training school can teach about them. Being aware is a key to becoming a successful truck driver, and blind spots are an important component of that awareness.

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