Little Known Facts About The Truck Driving Industry

//Little Known Facts About The Truck Driving Industry

I think society in general takes the truck driving industry very much for granted. It’s probably true of many industries actually. When you go to the supermarket to buy food, how much thought do you give to how that food arrived on the shelves? Not a lot is my guess. Take processed foods – they are transported from the farm to the processing plant, and once processed, transported to the supermarkets. Those foods often take a detour to a warehouse along the way as well. Then there’s the packaging – that is made somewhere and often transported to the processing plant. When I say transported, I am of course referring to trucks and truck drivers. As an industry, there are a lot of facts that the general population know little about. If you intend on becoming a truck driver, then these facts may make for interesting reading, especially if someone asks why you want to drive trucks.

  • The transport industry employs well over nine million people nationwide  – almost 4 million as truck drivers
  • There are over 15 million trucks in operation in the US
  • Including owner operators, there are more than one million trucking companies (we have over 10,000 in our database)
  • 95% of all truck companies are either owner operated or small fleet owned
  • 70% of all freight is transported across the nation on trucks
  • The trucking industry transports over $700 billion worth of goods each year
  • The trucking industry also transports a further $500 billion worth of goods in and out of Mexico and Canada each year
  • The trucking industry accrues almost 5 billion miles each year
  • Truck drivers earn approximately 30 cents per mile driven (owner operators a little more)
  • Trucks consume almost 60 billion gallons of fuel each year
  • The trucking industry pays over $40 billion in federal and state highway-user taxes each year

Those facts are enough to make your head spin – I’m certainly glad I’m not paying that tax bill each year, or having to foot the fuel bill. With those statistics, it’s easy to see the transport industry is healthy, and it’s still growing. As the industry grows, so too does our need for new truck drivers. If you are interested in a lucrative career that it’s interesting, then check out the latest truck driver training programs – you could be a truck driver in just over a month.

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