Long Distance Trucking

//Long Distance Trucking

Truck driving has long been romanticized in many movies over the years. Some drivers are portrayed as good guys while some are portrayed as bad guys. Regardless of the circumstances, the truck drivers in movies are always shown as freewheeling lovers of life. A big part of this idea of a trucker’s mentality is the fact that a long haul driver has to have a bit of a drifter in him. He also must be willing to make sacrifices and be willing to travel nearly constantly.

Local truckers are on the road a lot but are home every day. A long distance trucker might be on the road for days or even weeks at a time. This amount of travel takes a certain breed of man to handle, and it is not for everybody. Interstate truck driving is where the better salaries will be found though. Also, the ability to see different cities and states around the country can be taken as a real advantage to the job. Many people may never leave their home city or state, but an interstate trucker may see many of both in a single day.

There are advantages to local trucking for those with families or other responsibilities that require them to be home every night. But, to live the true life of a trucker, long haul trucking is the only way to go. The open road, the travel and the unique people are the reasons people choose to become a truck driver. Once the commercial driver’s license is earned, the best thing to do is try interstate trucking at least for a while.

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