Looking For An Interesting Truck Driving Job – Consider Lowboy Trailers

//Looking For An Interesting Truck Driving Job – Consider Lowboy Trailers

Truck driving is an interesting career at the best of times. Some jobs are more interesting than others. Take the role of a tractor and lowboy trailer, this job is certainly one that keeps a driver on his/her toes.

Lowboys are trailers that have two drops in deck height – one at the rear and one just behind the goose-neck connection to the tractor. This effectively drops the deck height to almost ground level – there’s certainly not a lot of clearance between the ground the deck. By dropping the deck, lowboy trailers can carry much taller loads, for example, large heavy equipment like those huge mining trucks, or cranes.

The problem with a lowered deck are the obstacles one comes across. While speed humps are not common on roads where you’d normally drive a lowboy, coming across one certainly makes life interesting – you don’t want to bottom out with a heavy load. Rough terrain is also an interesting obstacle to get past.

There are several different types of lowboy in use, the most common being the hydraulic detachable goose-neck. This uses hydraulics to detach the goose-neck from the trailer. The heavy equipment being carried can then exit at either end. Although a lowboy allows drivers to carry much larger items, there is still a limit to the overall height. Low bridges are still a problem that require navigating around, especially those lower than 12 feet.

A truck driving career often comes with difficulties, and driving a lowboy is no exception. Drivers need to be more alert to what is going on around them, to the road conditions, and to the load they are carrying. It’s certainly an interesting job, especially when your transporting huge heavy equipment.

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