Looking For Employment Before You Start Your Truck Driver Training

//Looking For Employment Before You Start Your Truck Driver Training

Is there any point in talking to transport companies before you have commenced truck driver training? There is, actually, and you may find there are a few surprises in store when you do. Sometimes it even pays to look at your employment possibilities before you even look for a truck driver training school. Here are a couple of questions you could consider asking a potential employer.

  1. Do you hire new graduates? – that may sound obvious, however, most people don’t ask, and there are a lot of companies that don’t
  2. Are there truck driver training schools you give preference to? – conversely, are there truck driving schools that you refuse to hire from? This will give you an indication of which schools to look at and which ones you should cross off your list now.
  3. Do you pre-hire? – some trucking companies will pre-hire truck drivers who are about to undertake training, if their employment record and character are very good.
  4. Do you have a training reimbursement plan? – this is no longer a common situation, however, there are trucking companies who are in need of new drivers, and some will offer a reimbursement plan or loan – it never hurts to ask.
  5. Do you have your own school, and what is the agreement for attending? – check the agreement carefully. Some trucking companies do have their own school, and training may even be free, however, that is generally only for those who the trucking company decide to employ. If they don’t take you on, you may suddenly find you’re faced with a huge (often inflated) training fee. Check and compare the fees before agreeing to a employer-run truck driver training school.

By doing a little research early, you may find that once your truck driver training is complete, and you have your CDL, that a job is ready and waiting for you.

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