Managing The Costs Of Being A Truck Driver

//Managing The Costs Of Being A Truck Driver

Every job has ongoing costs. These costs include getting to and from your place of employment, dry cleaning and food and drinks (unless you take your own). Truck driving is no different, however, as a truck driver, you do need to learn to manage those costs.

Long distance truck drivers are well paid, however, that pay check can be chewed up fairly quickly if you’re not careful. Because you are away from home for long periods, almost every meal is taken on the road, often at truck stops. Smart drivers now make use of any onboard equipment – for example, refrigerators and microwaves. Meals can be cooked at home and frozen, then heated in the microwave. This is much cheaper than buying meals on the road.

Other costs include communications, and cell phones can be expensive if you’re not careful. There is a trend now to use online services such as Skype. These are either free or very cheap, and with most truck stops now providing free WiFi access, is a very cost effective way to stay in touch.

You will also need to cover the costs of motels (for compulsory out-of-truck time). You may even find you have to pay for simple everyday amenities like showering. You will also need to have access to money to cover emergencies; for example, extra motel nights for truck breakdowns. By planning your expenditure, you can significantly reduce some of the costs of being a truck driver. You will also find that, over time, you learn to plan stops in places that are less expensive.

The costs associated with being a truck driver needn’t be high, if you learn to manage them well. Avoid overspending, and drawing on next week’s pay check, and you’ll have a long and happy career as a truck driver.

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