Most Truck Drivers Are Their Own Worst Enemy

//Most Truck Drivers Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Truck drivers carry a huge burden as they hurtle down our highways, yet they are the first to bemoan many of the rules and regulations that are put in place. Every year there are thousands of infringements issued for breaches such as poor log book records and improper loading of their trucks. I know a lot of people would use the “do the crime do the time” philosophy to this problem, and there is some truth to that – if you don’t follow the rules, you deserve any penalty imposed.

Yet truck drivers really are their own worst enemies. Okay, you may be a poor record keeper when it comes to log books, but here’s a statistic that’s really worth thinking about. Less than ten percent of all non-driving-based infringements come from random checks. Over ninety percent of non-driving-based infringements come following a driving-based infringement. In other words, a driver has been caught speeding, or not wearing a seat belt, and an inspection of their log books or load has led to another infringement being issued.

Now it really is a case of “do the crime do the time.” If you drive safely, observing all the road rules, there is a good chance you’ll never be pulled over and never have your log books or load examined. I wouldn’t take this as an invitation to drive safely and ignore your log book, or overload your truck – there’s still that ten percent that is inspected randomly.

Truck driving is a serious profession, and it does have strict rules and regulations that must be followed. Stick to them and you’ll never have any problems with expensive infringements. You’ll also build a driving record to be proud of, a driving record that will make you very employable, and that’s pure gold. If you are preparing for truck driver training and a career as a truck driver, ask yourself this question – “are you going to be your own worst enemy?”

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