Myth or Fact: Good Truck Drivers Don’t Have Accidents

//Myth or Fact: Good Truck Drivers Don’t Have Accidents

Do good truck drivers have accidents? It’s not unusual to hear a truck driver brag that they have never been in an accident. Of course, you could question their definition of an accident. Does the fact they have never had an accident make them a good truck driver, or just a lucky one? The reality is that almost every truck driver has been involved in an incident or two – not necessarily a serious incident, but an incident nevertheless.

That means that good truck drivers do have accidents, and the reality is they are often unavoidable. Take an accident between a truck and a car – there are two drivers involved and no matter how good one driver is, if the other driver is reckless or careless, then an accident is going to happen. Of course, a good driver may be able to reduce the effect of that accident, and in some cases, get lucky and avoid the accident altogether.

This is where truck driver safety is so important. Sure, a truck driver needs to drive safely themselves, however, they also need to drive a little defensively, always on the lookout for reckless or careless drivers. A good truck driver will have defensive driving skills that can help to prevent accidents, or at least minimize the damage from an accident. Learning how to control a skid – and these can occur due to snow, black ice and oily road conditions, is an important skill. Whilst you can learn braking distances in a truck driver training school, most trucks react differently so you will need to learn how your truck performs in all of these conditions.

Good truck drivers do have accidents, however, well trained and experienced truck drivers can and do reduce the impact of these accidents. Learn good defensive driving habits, and to be alert to what other drivers are doing, and you will go a long way to minimizing, or perhaps even, preventing accidents – and it won’t be due to luck, it will be due to your good skills.

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