New Technology Brings A Whole New Perspective To Truck Driving

//New Technology Brings A Whole New Perspective To Truck Driving

New technology is appearing in trucks all the time. GPS, weather forecasting, and even small computers that connect a truck to the company’s dispatch center. One piece of new technology (really a new use for an old technology) is the use of digital cameras in trucks. These cameras are located in the cab, and they record the view that a truck driver has as they drive down the road.

Truck drivers are always being falsely accused of driving dangerously and causing accidents. Digital cameras offer a driver the opportunity to actually show the events as they happened – it takes away the problems that people have with memories. These digital cameras also show how well or poorly a driver is actually performing behind the wheel.

The use of digital cameras in trucks is big in countries like Britain and Australia, in fact, there’s a recording now doing the rounds that showed how an Australian truck driver avoided a major collision that could have resulted in the loss of many lives. Whilst his driving skills were important, what catches our attention in this video is his decision-making skills. In the blink of an eye, a truck jackknifes in front of him, and he has to make a decision. Breaking heavily will still result in contact whilst causing possible carnage behind him. His solution, the drive through the accident, swerving slightly to make the least amount of contact possible.

Watch the video below:

Cameras aboard this truck clearly demonstrate the actions of everyone and they leave little room for doubt as to who did what. In this accident, no one was seriously injured although the opposite could have been true had one driver acted differently. This is one instance where new technology not only helps those involved, it can be used to help those who are either just starting out as truck drivers or still attending truck driver training. Check out the video – you’ll be surprised at how quickly everything happens – can you think and act that quickly?

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