No Shortage Of Work For Truck Drivers As Weather Warms

//No Shortage Of Work For Truck Drivers As Weather Warms

As the weather warms various parts of the country start to waken from their winter doze. Construction increases, and come early summer, you’ll see building sites and road building going on everywhere. This puts a huge strain on the truck driving workforce and in many areas there simply aren’t enough truck drivers to go around.

Much of the work involved is local work as well. Dump truck drivers, cement mixer trucks, even water tankers (used to damp down dusty road surfaces) are in big demand. Tanker drivers and long distance truck drivers are also in short supply at this time of the year.

For individuals looking at career options, truck driving has plenty to offer. Truck drivers receive a good wage, often work good hours (local driving), and the conditions for truck drivers are very good. Climate control cabins are normal; trucks come with power steering, power brakes and easy to use gear boxes; and regulations now favor truck drivers when it comes to the number of hours they can spend behind the wheel.

A new career can be a daunting decision for most. We try to make the whole process easier for those that take the plunge by offering a complete service. We deliver the training and help our graduates obtain their commercial drivers license (CDL). We also have an experienced career services team who do everything possible to help our graduates find that all-important first job.

There’s no shortage of truck driving work opportunities at present so if you’re interested in a truck driving career, contact us for more information on our truck driver training programs.

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