Obtaining A CDL Couldn’t Be Easier

//Obtaining A CDL Couldn’t Be Easier

There are not many careers that pay as well as truck driving given the training that is required. Some experienced long distance truck drivers earn as much as $100k each year in wages and benefits. That’s not bad for a career that involves only five weeks of training, then a commitment to learn on the job (whilst getting paid). I won’t say that’s the norm, however, most experienced truck drivers bring home at least half of that $100k figure.

So what’s the hardest part of earning that sort of money? Let’s look at what’s required to gain a start in the trucking industry.

  • Find a suitable training organization – training is one of the keys to a successful career as a truck driver. It’s no longer good enough to just have a commercial drivers license, you also need the backing of a well respected truck driver training school.
  • Obtain a truck drivers permit – your truck drivers permit allows you to learn to drive on public roads. You will need to pass the written (knowledge based) test to obtain this permit.
  • Obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) – you need to pass the skills test to obtain your CDL. This involves a practical driving test in a truck similar to those you intend driving.
  • Finding your first job – your first job is where you will not only put your new found skills to work, it is also where you will learn how to be a truck driver. There’s nothing like on-the-job driving to polish off your skills.

Some will claim that the knowledge based tests are hard to pass whilst others will claim that finding that first job is one of the hardest things to do when starting a career as a truck driver. From our experience, with the right training, passing both the skills and knowledge tests are not that difficult (if you have reasonable learning abilities). Finding a job is not that difficult if you have an experienced training school helping you identify and apply for job vacancies.

That leaves one component of this problem – finding a suitable training school. Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools have made that easy as well – we’ll help you identify the best training program for your needs, help you to find funding to pay for your training, help you to find your first job after training through our career services department, and even help you with accommodation close to our training school should you require it.

The bottom line, obtaining a commercial drivers license has never been easier if you work through us. We have fifty years of experience in truck driver training so know what industry wants in new drivers, and we know what the regulators want when it comes to issuing commercial drivers licenses – that’s a win-win for anyone looking for a new career as a truck driver.

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