Trucking Opportunities

New Opportunities in 2018

As a new year begins, we all look forward, thinking about the future and what it has to offer. For heavy machinery operators and CDL truck drivers, this can be thoughts of the job prospects this coming 12 months may bring, but what exactly will 2018 bring? CDL truck drivers have several concerns about the future, especially as electric trucks such as the offering from Tesla promise to change the transportation industry itself. However, if we examine the new technology, it

Winter Driving

Winter Driving For Trucks

Talking about winter driving for trucks or semis is not quite as easy as it would seem, as how snow or ice affects you can vary a lot. From the state you are in and the weather you encounter to the type of truck and load, it can all make a difference when it comes to winter driving. However, that problem with defining just what winter driving is, also shows the problem of winter driving itself, and that is unpredictability. When

Electric Trucks

Walmart is purchasing Tesla Trucks

When Elon Musk announced the new Tesla electric semi-truck, it had the potential to be a move that transformed the trucking industry, but that can only happen if major transporters embrace the new technology. Looking at what the truck can offer, with a 500-mile range, electronic connection directly to fleet management systems and significant power advantages, along with a projected 25 cent reduction in the cost per mile, it is clear that this new vehicle makes for an attractive proposition,


Professional Truckers Are Ready For Winter Driving

Winter driving is something that needs to be prepared for no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. But drivers of the big trucks have to be ready for much more than most people realize. That’s why Diesel Truck Driver Training School has training dates all year long no matter what kind of weather it is. Driving In Real Time The transportation industry doesn’t stop for a calendar date but it does slow down for severe weather situations. That’s just common

Dump Truck

A Dump Truck or A Rock Truck?

A dump truck is a common sight all over the country, on construction sites of all kinds, dump trucks are used to get rid of unwanted materials, and we are all familiar with them. Large trucks with an open and flat load area for ease of loading on site, especially for the common skid steers, backhoes and excavators. Once loaded, dump trucks deliver material to the required destination and offload, usually through a mechanical process. This can be the entire load


What did the Hurricanes mean for the transport industry?

The recent Hurricanes have left catastrophic damage to Texas and Florida, and of course the most important point is that those effected are safe and have a chance to rebuild their lives moving forward. However, the storms have had a drastic effect on the transportation industry itself, with as much as 7% of the national industry effected in the immediate aftermath. The effects range from trucks stuck on roads or in loading docks simply having to wait for the water to

unsecured loads

Unsecured Loads, how do they cause accidents and how to stop it

Any driver training will always emphasize the importance of securing loads properly, and that is simply because unsecured loads do not just cause problems for the driver, but they can cause accidents, often big ones. In fact, it’s a big problem on the roads in America, an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study carried out in 2016 found that debris on the road was involved with more than 200,000 accidents. Just to underline the seriousness of that, of those 200,000


Safety – Wireless Headsets

Safety should be at the forefront of every heavy equipment operator or driver’s mind in everything to do. That is not only to protect ourselves, but those around us as we work, but in some environments, we need all the help we can get to ensure that focus on safety is maintained. Whether operating a truck, crane, lift or other heavy equipment in restricted spaces which can happen often, can really challenge operator skills, but also the safety and stability of

Truck tests, the start of your career

A career in trucking is attractive for many reasons, the variety of work on offer, the scope for really challenging yourself, great career prospects and demand make it worthwhile too. With shortages of skilled drivers in many fields, Truck driving today is well paid and provides job security as well as some incredibly valuable benefits, including medical and dental insurance.  But to really get that career off to the best start needs the right training, that does not mean just

The most profitable options for your trucking industry career?

The trucking industry is all about opportunity, providing a range of different options for you career that offer different working experiences and challenges. Which is right for you depends on the kind of work and life balance you are looking for among other things, but today we will look at which options will allow you to make the most money. For many this can be the real deciding factor for the direction they go, and because for that today we