Professional Truckers Are Ready For Winter Driving

//Professional Truckers Are Ready For Winter Driving

Winter driving is something that needs to be prepared for no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. But drivers of the big trucks have to be ready for much more than most people realize. That’s why Diesel Truck Driver Training School has training dates all year long no matter what kind of weather it is.

Driving In Real Time

The transportation industry doesn’t stop for a calendar date but it does slow down for severe weather situations. That’s just common sense and it reduces accidents with the accompanying loss of life and property. Sudden freezing temperatures can bring hazards like black ice, where the road just looks wet but it actually is slippery as a skating rink. Add the extra weight and size of a semi and the situation requires experience and skill to handle it safely.

When students get their training at DDS they get information in the classroom about things like black ice and how to handle a sudden skid. But then they get behind the wheel of a real truck in real time and move that information from head knowledge to experience. That’s what training is all about. Students who come during the winter months learn how to drive in whatever weather is happening, just as students in the summer months may be driving in a sudden thunderstorm. It’s real time training to prepare drivers for real time driving.

Any time of year, students learn the tricks of the highway. They learn how to look for potential problems during the pre-drive inspection and respect weather conditions. They learn things like seeing an ice buildup on the side mirror as a warning that there may be black ice on the road instead of rain. They rehearse for the situations any professional driver will encounter at any time of the year.

Are you ready to start driving? Take a look at our class schedules and get the training you need to be a professional driver all year long.




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