Refrigerated Trucks Place Extra Demands On Drivers

//Refrigerated Trucks Place Extra Demands On Drivers

When it comes to truck driving, refrigerated trucks are often just lumped in with every other truck. In truth, each truck type has its own demands, and refrigerated trucks are no different. We are all familiar with refrigerated vans than travel from shop to shop delivering cold goods – refrigerated trucks are just much larger versions, and they travel across the nation delivering cold goods in bulk.

Perishable goods require special handling. A truck driver would normally drive from A to B with only a passing thought about their load of cargo. They should inspect the load on a regular basis to ensure everything is secure, however, that’s about the only interest they have. Refrigerated trucks need to have their refrigeration units running full time, and that means keeping a watch on both the refrigeration units and the temperature inside the truck.

Truck drivers have one other hassle to consider – the noise of the refrigeration unit whilst they are trying to catch a nap. Long distance truck drivers are forced to take regular breaks, and many drivers use those breaks to catch up on a little sleep – a noisy refrigeration unit won’t make that easy. Truck drivers do become used to the noise, so much so they wake up if the refrigeration unit suddenly stops.

Every truck has its special demands on drivers – refrigerated trucks a little more so since tens of thousands of dollars worth of perishable goods can be ruined if the internal temperature of the refrigerated space exceeds the minimum. This is one instance where learning to drive a truck is only part of the job – learning to look after the cargo is the second part.

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