Reversing A Big Rig – A Piece Of Cake Once You Know How

//Reversing A Big Rig – A Piece Of Cake Once You Know How

One of the hardest parts of learning to drive a truck is reversing, especially a tractor with two trailers. Although it does look difficult, it’s actually not that hard once you get the hang of it. Skilled drivers can quickly reverse their big rigs, even through narrow openings.

The following video is a good example of how a driver maneuvers his big rig through a narrow opening. Not only is it narrow, once the rear trailer enters, the driver is somewhat blind to what is happening – at this point, he is operating on pure skill and knowledge of where he is reversing.

When learning to drive a truck you will need to practice a lot of different maneuvers, both in a parking lot, and out on the main road. The more practice you can gain with maneuvers you’re not comfortable with, the more natural they will become. Confidence is great when driving a truck, however, having a tinge of caution is not a bad thing – it makes you a safer driver. In the video above, the driver may appear to be very confident, and he probably is, however, you can see by how slowly he is reversing that his confidence is not over-riding his caution – he is driving with safety foremost on his mind.

You can learn to drive a truck, including difficult reversing maneuvers, in as little as three weeks if you already know the road rules and regulations. A full course that includes rules, regulations and sitting your theory test extends to five weeks. That’s five weeks of quality truck driver training designed to help you build all the skills required to gain a start as a truck driver.

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