School Days: What You Get When You Sign Up for a Class A CDL Course

//School Days: What You Get When You Sign Up for a Class A CDL Course

Congratulations! You have decided to take the plunge and enter the exciting world of truck driving. The next step is to get your Class A CDL license, but how do you go about doing that? First, you will need to obtain your Class A CDL permit. Once you have that, you can sign up for a CDL skills course.

Signing Up for a CDL Skills Course

Some trucking schools like the Diesel Truck Driver Training School offer a Basic CDL Skills Course. The course combines in-classroom training as well as some experience in the yard and on local highways. Information covered in the course includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-trip Inspection
  • Coupling/Uncoupling
  • Backing and Other Close Quarter Maneuvers

Experienced instructors will give in classroom training that will explain what these skills are and how important they are to your career as a truck driver. Then you will have a chance to learn hands on and practice these skills. When it comes time for you to take your Class-A CDL road test, you’ll be ready to go!

Before signing up for the course, it is important that you get your Class-A CDL permit. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for your state to see when and where you can take the test. Also, you will need to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical.

When You Finish the Course
After completing the course you will have licensing permits, endorsements, and be qualified to obtain entry level position in the trucking industry.
The Diesel Truck Driver Training School offers flexible class schedules. Classes start every three weeks and run year round .

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