See The Country In Air Conditioned Comfort – And Get Paid For It

//See The Country In Air Conditioned Comfort – And Get Paid For It

One of the benefits of truck driving is that you get to see a large part of the nation – at least, if you decide to become a long distance truck driver. Better yet, most trucks are now air conditioned, including heating, and you’re going to get paid for just sitting there driving that truck. Before anyone chimes with a but, I know there is a lot more truck driving than just sitting there, however, you must admit, when it comes to careers, truck driving is great for those with the wonderlust in their blood.

Long distance truck drivers cover a lot of territory, and some of that will be covered at night, so you will miss a lot of the sights. But then, night time has its own sights that are often worth seeing – sometimes they are better than the day time scenes. Truck drivers cover the full width and length of this big country of ours, and when you add in Canada and Mexico for some drivers, there is also the international flavor.

There is a downside. You will be away from home for long periods, and you will be sleeping in your truck for days on end. Meals will either be what you can cook in your truck or from truck stops along the way. Modern trucks often have decent beds, fridges/freezers and microwaves so you will have some of the comforts of home. Add in a television set, wi-fi connections for the Internet, and you’re able to stay connected with loved ones, and keep up with your favorite television shows.

Do you like to travel? Do you want to get paid whilst you travel? Truck driving could be a career option that is well worth investigating. Five weeks of complete truck driver training and you’re ready for the road, and it’s a skill you can keep for life and use in many countries around the world.

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