Short-, Medium- And Long-Term Truck Driving Career Options

//Short-, Medium- And Long-Term Truck Driving Career Options

Many people select truck driving as a career choice and remain as a paid truck drivers for the rest of their working lives. You don’t have to restrict yourself to working for someone else as a truck driver. There are a range of career options available, and if you choose your direction now, then you can train and work towards that goal from day one. Much will depend on your current social arena. For example, if you have a family, then you may prefer to work locally. This won’t hamper your long-term goals if you prepare yourself well.

So what are the short-, medium- and long-term career options available to prospective truck drivers?

Short-Term Truck Driving Career Options

As a new truck driver, your options are very limited – in fact, you generally only have the one option and that is to work for a trucking company. That’s not a negative, however, as you’ll learn a lot about the industry, including how competitive it is, what the expectations are of both trucking companies and their customers, and you’ll learn a lot about further career options available once you have gained a reasonable amount of experience.

Medium-Term Truck Driving Career Options

Once you have gained experience as a paid truck driver, you can start to consider other options. These include becoming an owner-driver. Owner-drivers have a number of choices ranging from starting their own trucking company (with just the one truck) and trying to attract paying loads to working under contract to trucking companies. There are pros and cons to both, however, most truck drivers choose the latter to begin with whilst trying to build a reputation in the industry. Many truck drivers are happy to continue working as contract drivers – there are only a small percentage of truck drivers who start their own trucking companies and grow them into fleets.

Other options available include moving from the driver’s seat to logistics. This includes the management of trucks and the freight that needs to be transported. It can be a frustrating yet highly rewarding career and one that will always see you home each day and never out on the road.

Long-Term Truck Driving Career Options

For a small percentage of owner-drivers, the opportunities arise where they can start to build their fleets. This may be by partnering with other owner-drivers or through the purchase of a second truck for a spouse, sibling or one of their children. With two trucks working, the opportunity then arises to purchase more trucks, and to hire drivers to operate them. At this point, you may well need to leave your truck to a hired driver whilst you concentrate on the management of your fledgling trucking fleet.

Other career options include moving into management for a trucking company that you have driven for. If you display good management skills, then you could work your way from logistics to that of logistics manager, or perhaps even fleet manager.

The career options are there for truck drivers, and I have only really touched the iceberg. When you think of transport in general, consider every aspect – that’s from loading to driving to managing, and don’t forget there’s the mechanical side as well – the options are there, you just need to consider where you want to be in five, ten or even twenty years.

Talk to us at Diesel Truck Driver Training School about your goals – we can help you take the first steps to achieving them.

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