Small Fleet Owners Had To Start With Basic Truck Driver Training

//Small Fleet Owners Had To Start With Basic Truck Driver Training

One of the great things about a career as a truck driver is the fact that your future options are endless. You could go to work for a large transport company and work your way to the top – not top truck driver, general manager. Alternatively, you could work for a trucking company before buying your own rig, and over time, building your own small (or large) fleet of trucks, becoming the employer rather than the employee. It’s not a pipe dream either, almost every small fleet owner started their career with basic truck driver training followed by regular employment as a truck driver, so there’s no reason why you can’t follow in those footsteps.

To become a small fleet owner is not easy. Owner-drivers often struggle to make ends meet, especially those who have stretched their commitments when buying a truck on credit. If you plan now, you can make life so much easier for yourself. It all starts with quality truck driver training followed by steady employment. That post training employment is important since it builds on the foundations laid by your training. After two or three years of truck driving, you will have a good understanding of what it required to become a successful owner-driver.

The one piece of advice that most owner-drivers provide is to save hard and to pay for your first truck with as much cash as possible. In other words, not to get yourself up to the eyeballs in credit to buy a truck. The sooner you can own your truck outright, the sooner you can think about buying a second truck and starting to build your trucking empire.

Our aim at Diesel Truck Driver Training School is to provide industry with quality truck drivers – the kind of truck drivers who not only make a success of their careers, but the kind of truck driver who can go on to become small fleet owners. Is that you?

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