Specialist Truck Driving Skills That Take Time And Practice

//Specialist Truck Driving Skills That Take Time And Practice

You can learn to drive a truck and gain a commercial drivers license in five weeks. Our training program will prepare you well for the workplace, however, there are some specialist skills that simply take time. There are some skills that you need to acquire before you place yourself in situations that could cause problems. Driving an over-sized load is a good example.

A recent news article highlights the need for truck drivers to have a better awareness of their surroundings, and of their truck. When it comes to over-sized loads, there are two areas that are of real concern. The first is a roll-over whilst the second involves colliding with, and often becoming wedged under, a low bridge. Bridges have height warning signs for a reason – to warn truck drivers of the maximum size truck (in height) permitted under that bridge. You’ll be surprised at how many truck drivers forget they are driving a taller than normal load. The results can be catastrophic, and costly.

Being aware of your load is not just restricted to height (or width). Having an understanding of how your load reacts to its environment can be important as well. Take tankers carting liquids. Those liquids continue to move after a truck has come to a stop. If you want an example, take a bowl of water and move it across your table, then stop it quickly. Watch how that water continues to swish back and forth – then imagine that effect in a large tanker. Truck drivers need to learn how to handle, and what to expect, when carrying liquid loads in tankers. Fortunately, modern tankers have ribs and wave barriers to try and reduce the effect of movement, however, that movement does exist, and it does take time to learn how to handle your truck.

We can teach you how to drive a truck, and we can help you acquire your commercial drivers license. We can even help you find that all important first truck driving job. To gain specialist truck driver skills takes time and practice – if you have the basics right, the rest will come easy.

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