Start The New Year With Free CDL Permit Training

//Start The New Year With Free CDL Permit Training

Learning to become a truck driver is not as hard as some people make out. Sure, you do need to thoroughly learn the road rules and the DOT regulations for truck drivers, but then, trucks are large and dangerous vehicles filled with valuable (and sometimes hazardous) goods. You need to understand these rules and regulations in order to pass the written test to gain a permit to learn to drive a truck, and these tests have little room for error.

Some people do have difficulty understanding these rules and regulations, so we offer free training that prepares an individual for these tests. Understanding a rule or regulation helps you to remember it when it comes to testing. It also helps when you get  behind the wheel, since this is when you need to put those rules and regulations into practice.

Our free CDL permit training is just that – FREE. You are not under any obligation to undertake further training, and our free training is not based on you entering any agreement for further services. Those that attend our free training program may also be eligible for a $200 scholarship. This scholarship has to be applied to a truck driver training program delivered by Diesel Truck Driver Training School, however, you’re not under any obligation to accept that scholarship.

On completion of your free training and once you have your CDL permit, you are most welcome to enroll in our behind-the-wheel truck driver training program. This is designed to give you all the skills required to pass the practical test in order to gain your full commercial drivers license. If you’re interested in attending one of our free CDL permit training classes, contact one of our admissions personnel. They can advise you when and where our next class is. They start every few weeks and, if your considering a career change, could be your best start to the new year.

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