Strength No Longer A Barrier To A Successful Truck Driving Career

//Strength No Longer A Barrier To A Successful Truck Driving Career

If you were to look at the requirements to become a truck driver fifty years ago, strength would have been high on the list. That was in the days before power steering. Fifty years ago it took brute strength to turn a steering wheel, especially at lower speeds. It also took a lot of strength to change gears with some trucks having as many as twenty gears to change through. Strength was also an issue when it came to securing loads with drivers often needing to physically move parts of their load to maintain a weight balance. This was especially true for drivers who had several different drop off points – the load would need re-arranging after each drop off, or load.

These days, strength is not as important. Power steering has made that part of the job so much easier – in fact, a child could handle the steering component. Gears are fewer in number and much easier to move through as well. Strength is still important when it comes to the freight being handled, however, in most cases, automation and mechanics have taken care of that as well. Fork lift trucks and overhead cranes are now used to load and unload trucks in most places so the real strength required by a driver is in securing their load – and drivers quickly learn how to handle that easily as well.

Truck drivers used to be big brutes with forearm muscles the size of an average thigh. Today, you’ll find truck drivers of all shapes and sizes, including those of slight build. Women are able to compete equally with men with driving skills and reputation the important component, not strength.

If you thought that strength was an important factor that was holding you back from becoming a truck driver, it’s time to change your thinking. Undertake truck driver training and there is a truck driving career waiting for you – no matter what your strength levels are. Gain the right skills and you’ll have a career for life.

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