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Tailoring Your Truck Driver Training To Your Circumstances

Undertaking training for a new career takes a lot of commitment – and resources. Whilst financial resources are often a problem, the real problem can be related to time – in particular, time away from paid employment. Our complete truck driver training program requires a commitment of five days per week for five weeks. That’s a long time without any income for some, and can be a real barrier to commencing a new career. It doesn’t have to be a

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Diesel Truck Driving School

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of places where you can learn to drive a truck, so why choose Diesel Truck Driving School? I can sum it up in three words – Experience, Support and Cost! Truck Driver Training Experience Diesel Truck Driving School has over forty years experience teaching people to drive trucks. In that time, we have trained thousands of drivers, most of whom have gone on to successful careers as truck drivers.  We also have a huge database